39th Annual Mahotsav Info

The 39th Annual Mahotsav is just about two weeks away and all preparation regarding one of our largest event is underway.  
We would like to bring a couple of things to your attention for the success of our annual Mahotsav as follows:
1.  Donation Slips  - It is always helpful that all slips are filled out with your full names and telephone numbers as clearly as possible.
2.  Cheques - When writing out your cheques for donation - it would be very much appreciated that you separate your cheques from Donation and Diwali tickets.
3.  Change of Address  - If you have recently moved or already have moved and not given your updated information to the Mandal, please take the time out and fill out the change of address form which you can find at the donation table.
4.  Diwali tickets - Diwali tickets will be available to purchase as of September 1st  to October 4th from Pradip Bulsara (416) 746-5791 and will also be available at the Mahotsav and Navratri events. (Please note that if you buy your tickets in groups of 10 will reserve you a table together). 
5.  New Committee Members  The Committee is encouraging new members male or female with fresh and new ideas to join the Committee.  Any questions regarding becoming a member you can contact any one of the current members.  Please fill out the form at the donation table.
6.  Volunteers - We need volunteers, for pizza serving, snacks and also at the donation booth - if interested please contacttorontomahotsav@gmail.com.
7.  Interval time - We request that you please dispose of your plates/cups or any garbage during snack time in the designated food bins and also please be courteous to your seniors in line ups.
8.  Speeches - It is always hard to go up to the podium and make a speech, but it is even harder when speeches are distracted by people talking and/or children running around in the front row of the seats, so we request that if you must talk or your children are getting restless to go outside
9.  Item Participants - To ensure the smooth running of the events, all participants are requested that they be ready three items before their item and after finishing to please go to the balcony seating area.
10.  Pizza - All children 11 years or younger will be served pizza.  Please make sure you get your pizza coupon when you arrive.
In closing, the Committee always strives to do their best to provide you the Community with an organized event that you will all enjoy, but the Community also plays an integrate role to a success of each event, so please be mindful of the above points.  A survey is usually sent out after each event, so we look forward to your opinions/comments good or bad.
Thank you!
The Committee
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